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Bespoke Insoles
Golf - Custom Made Insoles

Golf - Custom Made Insoles

Price: £99.00 per pair



Improve your comfort, performance and endurance

place your order and we'll post you a foam impression box to capture your foot shapes, 

return freepost, we 3D laser scan your profile and CAD design your insoles, they are CNC 

machined for a perfect fit, you'll have your Bespoke insoles wihtin 5 days!


Each insole is individuallly designed on CAD to perfectly match your own unique arch profile.  Your design is stored in our database allowing you to reorder without having to send for extra foot impression kits.

They can help promote better balance by providing a more a stable platform from which to execute your swing, giving you more power and control over your shots.  You will feel the insole as you roatate and build inertia in your swing, thus providing an extra source of resistance to create more power.

High quality Homopolypropylene shell that won't buckle or collapse like some over the counter insoles, covered with industry leading SpenCore® Material which remains the leading cover stock choice for shock absorption, impact reduction, and overall foot comfort. Four-way stretch fabric helps reduce friction and sheer pressure. Silpure Antimicrobial helps control foot odour​. 

They can also help to prevent foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and golfers toe.

Long lasting, comfortable supportive control as worn by many professional atheltes and sports stars.


All are products made to order and are not eligible for return or refund.