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Bespoke Insoles

Feedback from our customers

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What our customers have previously said:

“Bespoke insoles are something i had looked into for a while and these simply step up to the plate from the process all the way to the product itself. Cycling has three contact areas (handlebars, saddle, pedals) all of which are vital to performance and comfort, ensuring your feet are supported sufficiently is vital for allowing you to get the job done hassle and injury free with the maximum enjoyment.”

Professinal Cyclist Ross Lamb says

What an excellent service. Very prompt and the insoles fit like a glove. Extremely comfortable. I am ordering a further pair!

Clare, Hampshire

The insoles have arrived and are a perfect fit in the Naot Lapplands - size 44. Many thanks for the rapid service and I will certainly come to you again for replacements.

Ian Kirkland, Ashford, Kent

Fantastic service, I posted my existing orthotics on Monday to be copied, copies (and originals) received on Wednesday, this means same day turnaround! Furthermore, price was less than 40% of price quoted by my original supplier who was suggesting I would have to wait 3 weeks. Quality product, thoroughly recommended

Chris Salisbury

“Using bespokeinsoles has made a remarkable difference to my cycling as I have a high instep and in all the time I have been riding a bike I hadn’t found the right bike without some discomfort. With the simple way to take an imprint and having my insole in a few days I feel my instep is fully supported when riding and I am able to deliver my whole power through he whole foot.” Bryan Steel Olympic and World Cycling Medalist www.bryansteel.co.uk

Bryan Steel Olympic and World Cycling Medalist www.bryansteel.co.uk

I was suffering heel pain that seemed to come on suddenly while working abroad, over the next month or two the pain got worse and I eventually got it diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis. By chance, a friend put me in touch with Bespoke insoles in Mansfield and within no time I had a pair of custom made foot orthotics to try out, I can't tell you how much they improved my situation. As a travel photographer, I obviously need to walk a lot and it had got to the point where I didn't want to go anywhere because of the pain. Literally, since putting the inserts in my shoes I was able to get where I needed to go with relatively little pain. They are not a magic cure, but now the pain has left my heel and I feel I am making good progress. I would certainly recommend Bespoke insoles for anyone having the same pain issues I was suffering. Frank.

Frank Fell

Brilliant communication and such a rapid service that I hardly missed my existing orthotics. Bespoke Insoles refurbished by old orthotics that were falling apart and made a second matching pair. The price was reasonable especially when considering the turn around. I posted them Monday and both pairs were returned on the Thursday. I will use them again.

Paul Townend

Pain free and painless experience with bespoke insoles I have had bespoke insole for two years, I suffered from plantar fascitis in my right foot for about a year. After two to three month's wearing the insoles I was pain free and have been since. I did experience a little bit of pain in my ankle for a week or two at the start , I think it was the insole correcting my foot aliment .I have been very happy with this product, I wear the insoles every day and have lasted two years . I would definitely buy again


Very efficient and fast service. Highly recommended

Trevor B

Brilliant service from Gary and Team. Really efficient with excellent communication about the product. We are delighted with the results. Many thanks g

Paula Banbury